Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

This a computerized machine which allows automatic cleaning on more than one disassembled watch movement. It provides a deep and penetrated cleaning on all fine watches. It cleans, rinses and dries watch movement automatically.

Water and Pressure Testing Matchine

This are used for performing water resistance and dry pressure testing on fine watches.


Dry Test - The watch is placed in a chamber and the air-pressure is increased. The machine will detect the smallest variation in the case size. If the case expands, even slightly, then the watch is not water resistant.


Wet Test - the watch is placed in a chamber which is half filled with water and half air. Air pressure is increased while the watch is out of the water, then the watch is slowly immersed into the water. Once the watch is completely immersed, the air pressure is slowly released. If bubbles come out of the watch it means that air seeped into the watch prior to immersion & the watch is not water resistant. This method is generally used as a second test to pin-point the problem area.

Swiss Made Lubricant

We use Swiss made watch lubricant to ensure highest quality of service.

Polishing Machine

Refinish, ultrasonically clean & re-assemble case/bracelet

Timing and Regulating Machines

Calibration of balance wheel for timing accuracy.

Testing and Winding Machine

This is used for the final testing of all winding automatic watches. It can be used in either horizontal or vertical position.

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